The traditional way of growing plants, require the right type of plant food and deciding on the right quantity of plant food. If there is an imbalance in the proportion, it all goes for a toss. To grow quality plants at home, it requires extra care, day-to-day checks and takes lot of personal attention.
Whereas, HOMEGROW’S PLANT GROW FOOD is hassle-free in every sense. You need to apply PLANT GROW FOOD just once in every 4-6 months and it takes care of the plant nutrition irrespective of the growing media e.g. soil, cocopeat, rockwool, etc.
HOMEGROW’s PLANT GROW FOOD is a unique ‘Feed-N-Forget’ concept that gives ready-made and continuous availability of food in the growing media, which ensures smooth growing of plants. PLANT GROW FOOD is a special mix of various granules, which are coated with polymer for slow release of nutrients.
When in contact with moisture, a controlled nutrient release is ensured from the 1st day onwards till 4-6 months. The purpose of this supplement is to avoid giving either more or less nutrients and give uniform food to the plant.
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