The traditional way of growing plants requires the right amount of water and plant food. If there is an imbalance in the proportion, it all goes for a toss. It also requires extra care, day-to-day watering and involves a lot of attention. I am sure most of us don’t keep plants at home for the worry of who will take care of them when we go out of station for work or on a holiday.
Whereas, HOMEGROW’S PLANT AQUA CRYSTALS are hassle-free in every sense. It acts as a soil conditioner, a reservoir of water and nutrients, which are made available to plants on demand. It is specifically designed and developed to reduce the effort of watering the plants daily, irrespective of the growing media e.g. soil, cocopeat, rockwool, etc.
Plant Aqua Crystals provide adequate moisture and water in the growing media, which ensures smooth growing of plants without watering sometimes for even up to 12 to 15 days at a stretch. PLANT AQUA CRYSTALS can absorb water from 100 to 300 times its original weight feeding the plants water and nutrition as and when they require. For even better results add HOMEGROW’S PLANT GROW FOOD along with these wonder crystals.
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